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Shoe Fetish

Shoe Fetish

I know I am not unique in my shoe fetish. I am just one of the millions of women out there who covet, dream and save for beautiful shoes. My passion runs from thigh high boots to old fashioned clogs but my go to loves are the ones that look hot and I can walk in. I am deeply in love with the way shoes make me look and feel. So when this happened I thought I was in heaven. Octavia shoes knocked on the door: handmade, beautiful and sustainable shoes in beautiful colours and designs. And all of them made to walk in.


Octavia's designs are hand cut and handmade therefore reducing the use of machinery, minimising the usage of energy and reducing pollution. The shoe designs are manufactured by a fourth generation shoemaker family in the countryside of Guangzhou with exquisite attention to detail and quality.


 Octavia shoes are beautiful and comfortable to wear and designed in the most beautiful colours. I have a pair of Smokey Pink, Osaka sandals that are my go to faves. I will actually wear clothes based on the shoes I love them so much. And then there are the Khaki Versailles that make my legs look sensational.


The innersoles are made from cotton felt, so they breathe instead of a memory foam innersole (most commonly used), which does not. Creative Director and Founder, Elizabeth Zielinski, believes in maintaining a holistic business philosophy regarding social, environmental and economical sustainability. She believes sustainability not only encompasses environmental processes but also social responsibilities by empowering struggling communities as well as supporting charitable organisations.


Octavia Shoes has nine stores in Melbourne, 10 in Queensland and three in New South Wales. The company is connected to the Australian Style Institute in Melbourne. Octavia shoes are supporters of CARE AUSTRALIA where $5 from every pair of shoes sold from the website goes to supporting social and economic empowerment. CARE is an international humanitarian aid organisation fighting global poverty, with a special focus on working with women and girls to bring about lasting change to their communities.

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Camera and Editing by Jaime Graham.

*Shoes make my world go round and these are so beautiful and comfortable that my word will be turning for a very long time. The best thing is that these shoes keep the world turning for many artisans and sustainable suppliers along the manufacturing chain. Go to love that!

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