We love beautiful things, incredible people and inspiring stories. 

With the focus on sustainability, natural materials, raw food diets, organic and biodynamic farming practices, it becomes obvious for us to move towards a design and living principle that has integrity and transparency. By creating environments, kitchens, wardrobes that include only the best products we ensure that we consume what we buy, wear what we love, live in homes that are comfortable and aesthetic. Each lifestyle element offers longevity and a way to avoid adding to landfill and waste, polluting our natural resources and destroying the very place that provides us with life.

Foxy Underground will deliver information products that are ethical, cruelty free and provide investment to the communities that produce the raw materials used to create them. We offer insights into women and men who are changing the world and who are redefining the way we live, think and work. We celebrate the unique and allow the individual to shine. Foxy Underground brings you beautiful clothes made from organic and natural materials, ethically produced animal products and we offer information and opinion on ways to live beautiful lives.

We look forward to sharing your shopping journey.

CEO and Creative Adventurer.


Natascha Moy