Urchin Ring



Jewellery designer Anneliese is part alchemist, part industrial designer. She takes her inspiration from science and the raw beauty found in the Australian landscape. With a PhD in Materials Science, she has always been fascinated by the idea of expanding materials beyond their rudimentary uses. Annelies’s practice is not just about making products, but fostering an emotional connection and a greater understanding of the material, the processing and functionality. Her aim is to encourage people to engage with and respect what they buy. “I believe that if something is going to be made it should be designed and produced with deliberate and thoughtful attention. That it should be modern, functional, sustainable and desirable”


Handmade * Artisan * Made In Australia * Australian silver * Sustainably sourced kangaroo leather * Local freshwater pearls

Social Investment

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When you buy an Ice From Ash piece you not only support Australian, artisan creations but you support a single mother of a beautiful little daughter who is committed to sustainable creation and leaving the smallest footprint on this earth.

by Ice From Ash

Urchin Ring

Found on the high tide line these fragile urchin shells are cast in silver and oxidised, highlighting their complex and beautiful surface textures.
Take a little piece of the calm ocean with you through your day.

MATERIAL: Sterling silver

WIDTH: 7mm

SIZE: O 17.35mm


Ships from Sydney, Australia
Ships in 2 weeks

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